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Meet the AoE Esports Coaches

Our Esports coaches are the best. To help appreciate and know them even more, they answered some questions about the Esports space and their thoughts on it.

Coach Nate “Apollo” Benton

28 Years Old

Apollo has coached at Oakland University for two years and AoE Esports for six months. Nate is a physics teacher at the International Academy. His go-to game is League of Legends, but he enjoys numerous strategy-based games. His favorite Esports games to watch are Rocket League or Valorant. “Both are fast-paced and do not require tons of game knowledge to understand what you are watching.”

His favorite character across the board is Master Chief from Halo because “he's just too cool.” If Apollo could change or improve one thing in Esports, it would be improving or addressing the needs for a talent development system. “There are no great ways to find and recruit talented and interested kids. We need a good ecosystem that can connect them to organizations that are interested, as well as connecting them to other talented and interested kids.”

His favorite thing to do outside of esports is to have a nice lazy day on the couch with his dog and watch a movie or two. His favorite meal is a bacon cheeseburger with some extra crispy bacon and barbecue sauce. When asked if he believed in Bigfoot, he replied, “No, we definitely would have found him by now.”

Coach Matt “Jax” Jurj

22 Years Old

Jax has played Esports for eight years and coached for four years. He is in medical school while also coaching at AoE for the last six months. His favorite Esport to play is Overwatch and his favorite to watch is Valorant. His favorite character is Zeke Genbu from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

If he could change one thing in the Esport ecosystem, it would be improved prize pools for fighting-based games. His favorite non-Esport activity is simply hanging out with his buddies and doing almost anything. His favorite meal is smoked ribs with veggies and potatoes. Jax doesn’t believe in Bigfoot either.

Coach Steven “Stev” Lonsdale Verbiest

21 Years Old

Coach Stev has played esports for seven years and has been coaching for just over a year, with six months spent at AoE Esports. Stev is also an avid shoutcaster. His favorite Esport to play is Rocket League and to watch is Overwatch. Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 is his favorite character.

If Coach Stev could change one thing about Esports, it would be lowering the barrier to entry. “Esports is not easy to get into and should be made more accessible." His favorite activity to do is rock climbing. His meal of choice is pasta — any pasta. He will kill them all…

Stev doesn’t believe in Bigfoot and wonders why it is “foot” and not “feet?”

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